Brow Babe:
Eye Brows Transformed

Skill. Precision. Art. Passion. Longevity.

Brow Babe: Eye Brows Transformed

Skill. Precision. Art. Passion. Longevity.


Microblading is a revolutionary semi-permanent cosmetic treatment that involves a meticulously designed handtool used to implant pigment into the skin in the form of flawless, natural looking hairstrokes.


Combination Brows are created with the separate application of 2 skillfully applied techniques. One produces the beautiful look of natural brow hair strokes, which is microblading. 

However a second technique is used to shade in the skin beneath the strokes to create a powdery, gorgeous finish, resulting in an elegant, and flawlessly defined shape. Combination brows are truly the best of both worlds.


Shading creates a misty, powder filled brow similar to the look of makeup, as opposed to simulated hair. 

A type of permanent make-up that uses the manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin.

About nachelle rivera

I am NaChelle Rivera and I am a self-proclaimed dedicated Brow Babe!

I am a proud native of Reno NV. I am married, and mom to two fur babies. My Zen is in yoga, napping, walking in the woods and, um—-make-up. Yes, definitely makeup.

After about 6 years in the casino business I knew a change was due. Combining my love of makeup with my drive to be my own boss was where I knew my life’s direction needed to go.

I attended Pink Blush Academy in February 2018 and quickly gained a following through family, friends and social media. In short order, based on client requests, I added lash extensions to my repertoire of services. I believe lashes should enhance beautiful eyes, not overpower them.

Located in Spanish Springs at Salons by JC, I have my own salon suite space, which is my oasis and now my loving second home! I pride myself on my commitment to all stages of client service—from consultation, to treatment to post-care. My primary ambition is to make my clients and fellow brow babes smile and feel great about themselves.

Inspiring others is my view of success. I want to encourage other women to become their own bosses. There is no greater freedom and no greater reward.

145 Disc Drive
Sparks, NV 89436

What's microblading?

Microblading is a trending semi-permanent cosmetic treatment for the brows.  It is safe, natural looking and long lasting when performed by a top quality artist.

I employ a variety of methods with a manual tool to create natural, flawless brows.  Microblading had humble beginnings.  It involves the creation of brow hair strokes with a handtool to mimic the look of individual natural brow hairs.  I have taken this treatment to a new level and am able to artfully create beautiful effects such as feathering and shading, which are emerging as wildly popular microblading methods to create dazzling, beautiful results.   From day one, I have chosen quality over quantity and I insist on using only the best quality products that are endorsed by thousands of artists worldwide.  Tina Davies is arguably the most successful microblading professional in the industry with her own full line of products.  From pigments, to tools to after care, I insist on only Tina Davies.


Beautiful lashes must compliment the eyes, not take them over!

I love volume lashes but not all lashes are strong enough.  I can provide natural to dramatic looking extensions; however, I pride myself on ensuring that my clients’ natural lash growth not be inhibited by overdone extensions.  My mantra:  Get all the fluff you ever dreamed of, just don’t overdo it!!

Classics are the classiest.